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I am a... Puerto Rican Vermonter who celebrates my Indigenous (Taíno), African (Nigerian - Yoruba), and European roots. I know that each of our experiences are unique. 

I promise to listen and learn from yours.


My husband and I own a farm in Athens, VT. We aim to attract and sustain Queer & BIPOC community through:

  • Affordable Housing

  • Meaningful Land Sharing

  • Culturally-Vital Food Production 

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Community Builder

From 14 to 26, I used the performing arts as a tool for health and social change. These are the kind of programs I organized:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Training

  • Senior Fitness Programs

  • Family Cultural Events

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Social Justice Advocate

I've held many positions in Vermont that enabled me to advocate for opportunity:

  • Community Representative - Governor's Racial Equity Task Force

  • Co-Chair - Windham County NAACP Health Justice Committee

  • LGBTQ+ Leadership Council - Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH)


Data Systems Expert

I am a system's thinker. I implement simple, equitable, and people-oriented data system solutions for informed decision-making.

  • At BMH, I created a data warehouse to monitor and analyze hospital finances.

  • Through the Racial Justice Disparities Advisory Panel, I helped write a legislative report on the development of an ethical Vermont Social Justice Data Repository.

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I've been homeless and I've been institutionalized. Chosen AND Blood family saved me. I believe livelihood in Vermont is being able to thrive in Vermont. And that takes a village. 

  • In Athens, I am part of the Weather Emergency Committee where we plan for the physical, mental, and economic safety of our neighbors.

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