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Throughout my life, I faced a lot of barriers. And along the way, community stepped in to remove them. I owe my opportunities and success to community. I aim to pay it forward as your senator by supporting policies that empower community infrastructure. 

  • Reproductive Rights (abortion, contraception, etc.)

  • Ethical Hunting (and against murder)

  • Universal Healthcare (proactive and reactive)

  • Climate Resilience (social, economic, and environmental)

  • Peaceful Assembly

  • Freedom from oppression

Wichie believes in... 
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Health Care

Our health is not for sale.

We need to prioritize the health of our public, not the profit of private companies.


During the pandemic, I supported the VT Department of Health to coordinate with 30 community organizations to offer free and easy-to-access BIPOC Vaccine Clinics in Southern Vermont.

I support H. 276, expanding a publicly financed health care for all Vermont residents and establishing a Universal Health Care Advisory Group to provide legislative recommendations.

Climate, Food, & Water

We deserve the right to exist.

We need to be able to drink clean water and eat nutritious foods to survive.


In our farm, we are building flood and drought resilient mechanisms to keep our crops healthy and without mold, and to avoid them being washed away in the increasingly frequent flash floods.

I support S. 258 to make the required agricultural practices (RAS) more climate resilient.


A home for every Vermonter.

We need homes that fit our needs - whether physical ability, social ideals, economic opportunity, etc.


My husband and I are converting our farm house into a housing co-op to help other farmers build equity in rural Vermont.

I support H. 232 to promote land and home ownership for Vermonters who have unequal access - such as folks in poverty.

Child & Elder Care

We take care of our children, so they can take care of us.

We need child care and elder care to be accessible, affordable, and valued - both for participants and for caretakers.

To help my single-mom sister, I've invested in my niece's transportation, housing, and sports activities.


I support the 2021 recommendations from the Building Bright Futures State Advisory Council. This includes initiatives for mental health support, community engagement, a focus on social-emotional development, affordability, staff support, and data-driven outcomes.

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